A Little About Me

Growing up in a small New England town was both safe and sweet.

Our milk was delivered in glass bottles, from the dairy farm down the street. Now that’s organic folks!

As a child, my days were filled with imagination and exploration. The neighborhood kids and I played marbles in the driveway. There was also hopscotch and hide-n-seek. I’d love to wade in the brook and catch frogs. I was pretty good at it. I’d kiss them on the head and put them back. I often spent time alone in the woods, sitting with the lady-slippers, imagining and dreaming. Nature has many answers. To this day, they are my favorite flower, but NO picking.

There was little for our Mom to be worried about. My brother and I would go off on our bikes, playing with neighborhood kids and Mom would never have to worry for our safety- as long as we were home for dinner.

No one locked their doors. People were trustworthy. There was an unspoken feeling of trust and unity. I often tell my brother, “We live in the best of times.”

As a teen, my mom taught me to sew and knit and bake. (Dinosaur age) Later in my adult life I enjoyed doing those things for my own children. I still knit today. My own granddaughter has expressed her willingness to try it herself. Hence “The Wooly Adventures of Purl.”
> I got married, had two beautiful daughters. Reading children’s books was the rediscovery of imagination, exploration and dreams. I could be a kid again. Oh, what fun we had. Reading the stories ignited the passion and joy I experienced as a child.

I had a “Telling,” Someday you will write children’s books. {okay}

But, I buried that dream for another time.

I raised my children as a stay at home Mom. The best years of my life. Life passed, children grew and went on their own journey.

I started to think about what I wanted to further enrich my own life in my empty nest. My earlier dream bubbled to the surface. I had an epiphany, “Someday you will write children’s books.” I think the time has come. I started writing short poems, and before long my work was being published. Wow! Maybe I CAN write that children’s book I dreamed of.

I joined The Society for Children’s Book Writer’s and Illustrators, a writer’s critique group and jumped into the abyss. I was a duck out of water, but I forged forward. This was surely meant to be. “Was this my purpose in life?”

I took a leap of faith- quit my job!!! My husband, (YOU WHAT!) I have been writing and honing my craft for many years now. Took the personal challenge to self-publish my first book. I took baby steps and promised myself to take fear and doubt out of the equation. Set my intentions high and reached my first goal. I decide, a second would be nice.

1. Marshmallows Galore
2. The Wooly Adventures of Purl

I’ve set more goals for myself and I know without a doubt I will achieve them. Remember Donna- no fear- no doubt. It propels me forward. Each day is a blank slate, and that is so inspiring. So where does my journey take me from here? Whatever it is and wherever it takes me, I know that the outcome is more than I ever dreamed possible for myself.

I still live in a small New England town, with my husband (he forgives me for taking the plunge) and our dog Gerty.

Life is good! I’ve managed to keep it safe and sweet. I enjoy flower gardening, walking with the sun on my face, reading, writing, spending time with my precious grandchildren and knitting. I still dream big dreams.

My early years!

A few of my published works

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First Published Rhyme

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